Canis Novus

A Revolutionary Canine Sim

Named for "The New Dog", Canis Novus is actually a combination of very ancient dog sport combined with some of the more modern dog sports. It is a semi-realism based game, probably one of the most realistic out there (with the understanding that with any sim game it can only be "so" realistic). Canis Novus focuses heavily on the dog as a working animal, but also makes use of in depth conformation shows for those that enjoy that aspect of the dog fancy..

Unlike other canid sim games, Canis Novus will provide some of the following unique and fascinating aspects:

  • Realistic dog sports. The titles are mirrored from realistic dog sport titles. Each sport will have different titles, each title of which is unique to its sport. Each level of each sport must be trained for individually and will have different levels of difficulty to achieve.
  • Dogs can be trained in as many sports as possible, as its breed/group allows. For instance, Chihuahuas will not herd, and Airedales will not do Water Sports. But a Retriever can excel in Field Tests, Retrieving Trials, Obedience, Agility, Rally Obedience, Flyball, Scent Hurdles, Drafting, Water Recue, Sledding, Disc Dog and Tracking if you play to your best ability.
  • Dogs can be entered in Conformation shows that are a unique combination of the American and Canadian show systems for a unique and challenging approach to attaining Championships and Grand Championships.
  • There will be more focus on the raising and training of the dog than of the showing itself. Showing and trialing is what gets you prestige, awards, and money, but itís the work you put in, and the care of the dog, the will tell how well it does in events.
  • Canis Novus does not follow a level system. The base strengths/weaknesses/likes/dislikes are genetically based, the rest is obtained through conditioning, training, and proper care of the animal. The prestige comes from titles, good breeding, contests, specialty events and more.
  • There will be emphasis on the care of dogs. Dogs that are not well cared for may suffer in different ways, whether it be poor showing results, poor health, poor litters, or behaviour issues.
  • There will be job opportunities for players, to earn the kennel some extra income. A player can hold more than one job, if they take the time to properly train for each job respectively. Even the dog will be able to get a job!

And lots more to be discovered!

This is very much a strategy-based game, in that while there is daily care for the dogs, a lot of the playing will depend on how you choose to raise your dogs, and using strategy to seek the best result that you can.