(Click picture for larger view)

"Focusing on hard work and determination, CN motivates players to raise champion working dogs. To advance to the top, one must use intellect and perseverance to discover and conquer the game’s intricacies. CN is not for those wanting to have a kennel full of dogs yet no responsibility. At CN, strategy rules and all actions have consequences: positive and negative! The members and admin are very involved and friendly. CN is truly an innovative game!"

- Vom Bailey

"CN is a realistic dog SIM involving lots of strategy. There are different ways to approach the game, and new aspects are frequently added. The admin are very involved and frequently present; any problems are dealt with almost immediately. They really care about the game and the players. The community is helpful and fun... CN is a reality-based game that feels like home!"

- Kesterpan

"CN has become like a second home to me. I truly enjoy the staff and the other players here! The game itself is just wonderful. Many many kudos to MSL and Zippy. Also to the CN staff for keeping this sim game running the way it has.
Thank you guys! "

- Sierra, #269

"What I love about CN is that it's not just having healthy dogs and entering in the most shows you can every night. You have to plan ahead, train your dogs correctly, keep them healthy, and plan your breedings. Waiting until your dogs are about to retire to breed them does not work here; your dogs have the same potential all their lives to create the same potential offspring. So far it's the first SIM of its kind that, like real life, dogs earn their titles instead of number levels. I love it!"

- Immortal Thunders, #28

"Canis Novus is an excellent dog game. The sports, graphics and dedication have made it top of the line for so many people.

The community we have is so supportive and friendly. So, You don't have to fear their bite!

The sim is challenging and rewarding!"

- Anna, #258

"I had never played a sim before CN, and I mostly joined by recommendation of a friend and a love for dogs. I have also never owned a dog in real life as my mom's allergic, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found here and I am incredibly glad I joined.

One of the first things I thought was: I have to come on every day? That was worrying, as I had just discovered the mountain of homework that high school carries with it (and still does sadly. ^^; ). However, as I groomed cared for my dogs, I grew more and more attached to them and loved to log in, often more than once a day. Instead of becoming a chore, it was a relief and a pleasure to care for my little pixel pups every day.

Eventually, I found the forum (It took my a week or so before I even noticed it ). I was amazed by how sweet and nice everyone was. No one was rude or nasty, and it was all encouragement and kindness, no matter how silly the question or comment! It was so nice to see such an enthusiastic and simply kind community.

I love each and every one of my dogs like real pets, and I feel like hugging someone every time they get a ribbon or title. It really brings my day up, no matter what had happened earlier. New players are welcomed with open arms and a smile, and the community is so close-knit it's like a family. I've realized something through my time playing here; CN is like those small towns where you can walk down the street and each person you pass will wave and grin like you made their day by just being there. Though I was worried about joining Canis Novus originally, if I hadn't I would have missed out on so much!

(*breathes out* Phew, I talk too much! XD But this past year has really been so amazing! )"

- Bridget, #436

"CN: One and only of its kind. Here you'll find a wonderful community of very friendly and helpful people. Also a very kind and understanding Admin, always here to give a helping hand. The game focuses on the working titles that dogs can earn. I love that. This is an awesome game to join and be a part of, you won't be disappointed. Come on in and make some new friends."

- 2 Big Dogs

"CN is a phenomenal SIM game with Phenomenal players and Admin. This is by far the most awesome game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The realism factor far surpasses that of any other SIM game I have played! Not only do you show your dogs in shows to achieve realistic WORKING titles, but the titles are even specific to RL breeds that can compete! Abused/neglected dogs are even removed to the Humane Society from neglectful accounts. No more watching your breed waste away in kennels! Come join this super friendly, happy, and sometimes silly community and see what all the fuss is about!" "

- Graidyn

"When I joined Canis Novus I was looking for a life-like dog sim where I could enjoy the gameplay and community. I never made a better choice. The sense of elation when I have an especially good litter or one of my dogs performs better than I expected is unique.

Within weeks I was completely addicted, and over the months CN has become like a second home. I was welcomed with open arms by all our wonderful players and quickly felt like one of the family. There’s always someone around to listen, advise, cheer you up or just appreciate your sense of humour! I don’t know what I’d do without all my pixel pups and friends here on CN.

Thanks to MSL, Zippy and everyone else who have made this such a special place "

- Velvet, #227

"If you can't own a dog like me then CN is the next best thing, its a very realistic Dog sim, it makes you feel like you are looking after and showing a real dog. The community is amazing so come along and join in the fun."

- Flowdy

"Over the years I have been a part of quite a few simulated pet games. But CN is far an away the best of all of them, dog or otherwise. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the game play is very realistic. Short of making the game run on real time, I firmly believe you can't find a more realistic Sim Game in existence today. The dogs here can fall ill, and must be taken to the vet for treatment. Dogs must be trained in sports that are best suited for them, which varies by breed. Dogs in this game don't just earn points to level, they earn actual titles. Dogs can climb to the top of the conformation ranks while simultaneously earning the highest titles in Obedience. Puppies must be cared for in order to develop properly and must be taken to puppy school in order to give them the best start in CN life.

The second reason CN is such an awesome game to play, is the wonderful community. I have not yet encountered an individual who has brought down my experience here. Everyone has been kind, friendly and very helpful to anyone who reaches out and needs help. They celebrate your triumphs and mourn your losses. It truly is like a second home online. And the administrators, Zippy and MSL, are always looking for ways to improve the game for the players. It truly is an incredible gaming experience that I encourage any dog fanatic to come and join."

- Esori, #305

"To try and put it short and simple, CN is an awesome game! I were hooked after the first day, and still is...after I believe more than two years!

It's realistic, yet doesn't take long to get hang of. There's alot of breeds to choose between, and many different sports for your dogs to compete in. But don't let that scare you off, if questions ever come up the community is always there to help.

Speaking of community, its just about the best one I've ever been part of in a game. Everyone has been so friendly to me, reading around the forums is a pleasure due to no spamming, it almost feels like one big family. Around holidays the admins often come up with fun special-events to keep us busy.

Thankyou to everyone for making this game what it is!

- Alesca, #206

"Challenging, realistic and fun! Canis Novus is perhaps the finest dog sim on the net! Train your working dog and compete in up to 20 sports, parade your conformation champion around the show ring, foster and adopt neglected dogs from the Humane Society, or just hang out and enjoy friendly banter on the boards. There is something for everyone here on CN!"

- Breeze

"Out of all the dog sims I've tried (and I've tried plenty!), Canis Novus is the only one I've been able to stick with long term. The players, admins and mods are all so involved, it makes the game more interactive and fun.

Another thing that drew me to CN is how realistic it truly is. I've never played any others that were so close to real life. The excitement upon having a new litter born and getting a new champion, or having your dogs finally reach the highest level in a sport never gets old.

Mods are understanding and more than willing to talk to a new player or an old player, and answer any questions you may have about CN. The admin team is so involved, and there are always new things being added to the game!

In truth, I believe you will truly enjoy both the gameplay and the community on Canis Novus. Hope to see you around!"

- Staar, #307

"I can sum up my feelings for Canis Novus in two words: rewarding dedication. In all my years of playing sim games of various natures, Canis Novus has been the one and only game to thoroughly reward time and time again the single thing I love to do on sim games: showing. I live for showing. XD I love to see my dogs compete and achieve titles, and this game has, without fail, always provided me with not only the opportunity to show in a wide range of sports but also to achieve their maximum titles if I so wished (which, I have done many, many times X3). This, coupled with a community that will go out of their way to help someone when they truly need it, as well as being a home for some of the nicest players I have ever met, have made this game number one in my heart.

Thank you to everyone that has made this place what it is and will always be. ^__^"

- Endless, #380

"My husband and I wanted to play a real to life dog sims game. We tried a few but found them to be very far from what we knew about showing and caring for dogs. We wanted a challenge. Then we signed up for Canis Novus.

In every way CN is a true to life game.

A fun and helpful bunch of folks are here now. Join up and see for yourself how great this game is. It takes less than an hour a day to take care of your kennel and your jobs but you will find yourself not wanting to leave."

- Annalys, #137

"I have been totally addicted to CN ever since I first joined in January 2009!

The gameplay is fascinating, complex, and varied, and includes 160+ breeds, 20 dog sports each with their own set of titles, conformation shows with its own unique titles, a humane society that allows both adopting and fostering, realistic labor and delivery for litters, the ability to bring in regular or premium imports as new blood for your lines, amazingly brain stretching holiday events, and SO much more!

On top of all that - the community is amazing, always willing to help anyone that needs it, and admin is extremely active and on top of things to fix bugs swiftly and keep CN running smoothly. And the mod team is pretty awesome too if I do say so myself.

In short - CN is hands down the best dog breeding sim out there!!!

- April, #210

"October 15/10 9:41:20 PM I've played many, many sim games over the years, but CN is one of the top in terms of gameplay.

The game is constantly evolving and titles, breeds, and other things are so realistic.

The admin and moderators are always helpful and friendly, and you can tell just how devoted they are to the game and players.

I've taken breaks a few times due to real life circumstances, and the admin and community have always been understanding and welcoming when I returned. The kindness and maturity of everyone here is astonishing, and that, along with stellar gameplay, keeps me coming back. "

- Gleipnir, #251

"Canis Novus is by far the best dog sim I have came across, and believe me, I've been through many.

I love the community and the challenge is great! Most sim games are all about money, money, money, but Canis Novus is actually about the dogs!

I love how realistic Canis Novus is. Your puppies aren't born all at once. They are born in intervals! It is amazing!

I've only been here for one month, but I hope to be here for many, many more! I would recommend Canis Novus to anyone looking for a challenge that is doable :D

- Kori, #529

"I love CanisNovus becuase it has provided me a way of learning more about dogs. But yet it's not only about dogs. It about all of us as a individuals yet a team.

No matter how well a dog does the smallest achievement by a player is celebrated as much as a 6 clear dog would be.

On CanisNovus no achievement is consider an unworthy goal.

Conformation came into to play and some peoples goals became breeeding down for Conformation instead of breeding up for sports.

This has kept the game actively evolving.

The scavenger trivia hunts are great for they are challenging...but could they also be hint at one of the correct answers for puppy question? Oh well, we may never know that answer for sure.

When a great litter is born or a litter is lost (no matter the reason) we rejoice and join the sorrow of others as though they were our own family.

CanisNovus has also inspired me to work on learn more about programming in general.

I anxiously await other upcoming changes whenever they may occur...changes just adds to the challenge even when other parts of the challenge are lessened.

Thank you for all the time Zippy, MSL, and all the others that have put time into this site making it One of the greatest sites ever."

- AutumnDolphin, #248

"I've played a lot of pet/animal sims, especially ones that are dog related and I can say that CN is most definitely (hands down!) the most life like of any dog sim game. From the realistic titling, genetics, to the (sometimes annoyingly, lol) realistic breeding and health problems there is nothing about this game that I don't absolutely love. The game is great, the community is fantastic, and the mods and admins (especially) deserve sainthood for the environment they have created!"

- Shadowscribe, #338

"For all you dog lovers out there in cyber space, there is nothing that even comes close to the fantastic world of Canis Novus. Join, and you will be instantly hooked by the varied challenges that will face you when training, showing and breeding your dogs. The close-knit community of players are always ready to lend a helping hand with anything you need, and the mods and admins are constantly changing and improving the game.

Canis Novus is my home in cyber space, and I never want to leave."

- Ananya, #392

"What do the following have in common:

Breeding/Training/Showing Cyberdogs, a magical Skunk, AI collection containers, Secret Santa Gifts, and the Chatterbox Award for 2007?

Canis Novus of course! Where showing dogs is taken seriously, but the boards run amuk with amusing antics and helpful CN veterans."

- Herdndog

"Canis Novus is a fun and open community dedicated to what we love most - dogs. Sure, they're pixel dogs as opposed to real dogs, but we still get to enjoy the thrills of showing. People are always willing to help and give advice, and Zippy and MSL do an incredible job of keeping the site running and adding new things. With the new account freezing rules, CN is available even to those who have busy schedules (not that I ever put off research papers to care for my CN dogs hehe)! It truly is a wonderful community, and I have never regretted my decision to join or thought of quitting."

- Black Feather, #331

"Canis Novus is a very unique, fun game with a friendly, supportive community. Unlike most other dog sims, you can achieve real titles, in real sports. There is even a special site-wide contest were all players compete to breed the best dog, called ICC. The community of Canis Novus is the friendliest, most supportive online family I have ever met. So, whether you're showing your dogs in the conformation ring or hanging out in the forums, Canis Novus has something for everyone."

- Oceana, #496

"An absolutely wonderful game. It can be confusing when you first start, but there's always a great, helpful, and courteous community to help you get on your feet. There are many breeds and sports to choose from, and if your favorite breed isn't already on the game, you can suggest it! It's the most realistic dog sim I've ever played (and I've played a few ) and it's like an online home for me. As a player, you set your own goals for your dogs.. After two years on CN, I still feel like I have a lot to accomplish with my lines! It's so rewarding when you finally get your first BIS, or HIT, or three clears.

The admins are dedicated, the community is friendly, and the gameplay is awesome! I highly recommend CN!

- Raver, #260

"CN is the most realistic animal sim I have come across, and I have played quite a few. Instead of focusing on how many buttons you can click CN focuses on strategic showing and careful breeding. As well as having superb dynamics, CN also sports a wonderful, mature community with a great sense of humor.

Spoken from the heart!" "

- Bitapetrone

"Of all of the dog SIM games I've ever played, Canis Novus is the most realistic. While most SIMs focus on the conformation and breeding aspect of the dog world, the variety of dog sports that a dog can be trained in really gives people an idea of just how many sports there are to do with your dog"

- Riley, #127

"CN: Home of the sane *coff"

- Twisted

"I love CN so much! It's so realistic--I love the different sports and titles. The main focus of the community is on the dogs--not the art, or the types of accounts. And the fact that the community is so small is very great as well! I really feel I've accomplished something over the time I've been a member on the game, and I always look forward to every new day to see how my dogs have improved. I also enjoy the small community within my breed--I really like knowing everyone who breeds the same breed as I do and working with them to improve not only my dogs, but the breed on CN itself.

I love CN "

- CitrusFruit, #426

"Canis Novus truly is a delight to play. It’s addictive, it’s fun, it’s educational. The forums are filled with well-established members who are always willing to lend a helping hand and point you in the right direction. Since first starting CN, I’ve learned a lot about dogs - from the vast variety of different breeds to showing standards and more, I’ll be able to relate what I’ve seen and done on here to real life situations.

On that note, I can say with great confidence that Canis Novus is unique amongst other SIM sites. There’s real, personal quality here, with a close-knit community who shares real knowledge, real stories and real advice. With an ever-growing community as more and more members join, I’m positive the great atmosphere will continue and, even better, grow.

If you think you have a bit of time each day to commit to raising, caring for, showing and breeding your virtual dogs, I highly recommend joining Canis Novus.

- Wishes, #204

"Oh CN... Where do I start?
I've joined every pet Sim game around but the only one I have ever wanted to stay at is CN. The community is very close-knit. The moderators and admins make everyone feel welcome. Canis Novus is an ideal Sim for more mature gamers who enjoy a bit of a challenge. In Canis Novus not everything is given to you, which makes earning achievements on the game even more special. This is something I would like to be a part of for a long time! (:"

- Noir, #205

"Canis Novus is a new and enjoyable SIM for all ages. Focused on the working dog, users can will face the challenges of maintaining a kennel and breeding their prize-winning canines. A friendly community with knowledgable and active admins, Canis Novus is definitely a treat not to miss"

- Belladonna, #125

"I came here tentatively, I was seeking a dog sim that didn't have monster (a dog with massive skills due to months/years of horribly inbred lines) lap dogs beating out my rottweilers in schutzhund. I like how each dog itself is an individual, like this rottie isn't so great for schutzhund, but rocks at herding, which is another of the breed's sports.

You can also ask questions here without fear of being made out like you're stupid, which certain places are good for doing. The community is helpful and kindly and I'm sure you'll easily make a few friends."

- Frekki, #467

"It took me some time to be able to put in words what exactly Canis Novus is, and what it means to me.

At first sight many might think "Oh, just another dog game". But as soon as you get playing, you will notice that this game has got so much more to offer than the average click-this-button-5000-times-SIM. It is designed to be the next best (and most realistic!) thing after owning and training a real life dog.
There are so many goals you can set for yourself, from training and showing conformation dogs, to competing in tons of different sports and winning titles, to breeding dogs with perfect health, to becomming the top rescue kennel by fostering pooches from the CN Humane Society.

I have played tons of SIM-games, but none of those had the friendly and ever helpful community that CN has to offer.
Our player are always willing to offer you advice, a helping hand, a friendly chat, and even a shoulder to cry on when needed.

But the thing that I love most about this game is the way it is run by the admins. I was so sick of all those admins who were nothing more then some demi-gods who pop in every 6 months... The admins of CN however, actively play the game and offer full transparency on the game's progress, the direction they want to take it, and they always consult the players first before making decisions that influence the gameplay of CN.

I can really recommend CN to everyone with an interest in SIM-games, for it is the single most inviting, interesting and challenging game I have come across in the 9 years I have been playing pet SIMs."

- Lindisfarne, #27

"Canis Novus is like a third home to me since the day I joined. There is no segregation; everyone just wants the best for their dogs. In other Sim games, there are a lot of segregation especially between upgraded members and non-upgraded members.

When I first entered Canis Novus, I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling that I know it will last forever as long as I stay on Canis Novus. I looked at the Village Map and I know this site is different. I read the stories, the ToS, the poem at the Humane Society and much much more others and I understood for once that this is a well-bonded family.

I can see, the moment I stepped into here, the amount of hard work the Admins and Moderators and put into, and how much care and concern they showered on us. They guide us and answer our queries, and other family members on Canis Novus never hesitate to help whenever you need help.

I have seen events such as Halloween, Christmas and many others. The Admin and Moderators had put in a lot of hard work just for a few days of fun for the members. To me, the Admin and Moderators are the Pillars of Supporters, the Father and Mother and the Elder Sisters and Brothers while we are the younger ones.

Here, everyone is respected. When we have a small triumph and posts it on the board, people will congratulate us and wish for us to do better. There are hardly any rants too. The people here are committed and really truly cares for their own dogs, although it is made out of Pixels. One by one, generation by generation, they are cared for, and retired when Come of Age.

I have been here for around a few years, maybe one or two, but yet it feels so short. I have tried my best to care for all my dogs everyday and provide the best for them. I wish that I can spend many more of my years on Canis Novus - My Best Cyber Family forever.

- Minther Heather, #438

"I don't know how to say it other than I love CN! The community is awesome- never met a disgruntled or impolite player- and, while it may sound silly, breeding, raising, training, and showing my little virtual pups is very rewarding. The gameplay becomes more complex and realistic as time goes by and changes are made; dogs get sick, they have off days, you can show in conformation and/or sports, etc etc. All of the mods and admin are super helpful, friendly, and mindful, even on a one-on-one basis. Your suggestions really are taken into acccount. While I haven't played many other dog sim games, I know I'm stickin' with CN. :D

- Ashley, #272

"If you're looking for a more challenging dog SIM, then CN is the place for you. For example, to get champion dogs you have to put in the work. You can't get away with neglect without a price. Another example, you actually have to work for your money. When your vet clinic runs out of supplies, you have to restock it or else no one can use it. You really learn the value of a dollar. Overall, CN proves to give the user an exciting challenge!"

- Adele

"Canis Novus is not just another run-of-the-mill dog sim. The focus is on working dogs earning working titles, and breeding the best dogs to get to the top of their realistically chosen sports. You'll enjoy the challenge of working out your own strategy to reach the top in a wide array of working dog sports. You can't buy your way to success; the game requires your thought and involvement. Even so, you don't need to spend all day on the site to succeed. You might want to, though: the community is friendly and fun. Admins and veteran players are almost always available to provide help or enjoy some chat."

- Viersen

"I've just come back to CN and am wondering why I didn't come back sooner, and am realizing how much I have missed this wonderful game. With it's fun events, and it's engrossing game play, it is truly one of a kind."

- Harpy, #196

"CN is the next best thing to the real world of dogs. I had to retire from the world of dog showing, judgeing and breeding and this wonderful game fills that void. I am also stuck at home and live alone, but I have found some very special friends here in this little town of dog lovers. This is a place where you can share good times right along with bad times, we can laugh and cry together. It is where you can leave for awhile and comeback and be welcomed with open arms. If you make a mistake or real life gets in the way, and you loose all your dogs you are given a second chance, and most people will help you get your lines back. Everyone cares for each other from Zippy and MSL down to the Newbees. Zippy and MSL try so hard to keep it fun and interesting, and are on daily just like us to make sure things are running smoothly. I am so very thankful for this game and all those that keep it running."

- Foxrun, #350

"After trying several other sim games, my friend reccomended Canis Novus, and very shortly I was addicted. The site is extreamly helpful and easy to learn. If you have any problems or questions, they are answered right away by the great players and mods. CN is so realistic in the dog breeding/training/showing/care aspect, and the community is so wonderful. We get to know one another through cyber space, everyone is will to help eachother out. Canis Novus is super fun, and I highly reccomend it to anyone"

- Skye Blue, #494

"I can jut wonder what makes CN so good that I’m so badly addicted. It has to be awesome game strategy and mechanics. I love how it feels so realistic. You have to train before showing, you can only train them in sports what suits each breed, you have to take them to the vet if they are sick, you need to take care of their litters carefully, you can't breed them right away and so on. It’s challenging and fun and offers me so much. And it wont cut your dogs improvement if you don’t show them every single day, which is great. You can have a busy season irl and still continue breeding quality dogs. But also, if you want to end up to be top kennel, you need to show your dogs and work hard. That’s what I like!

And by this far, I have not found a better community than what CN has. Great stuff, great players!
It is amazing how much effort admins Zippy and MSL have done. It has been exciting to see how CN has developed, bringing new challenges to us. Not to forget all those lovely contests and holiday events too! Makes me feel that I want to help as much as I can to make CN even better. I want to be an active player what CN deserves."

- Candela, #368

"Definitely a fun game to get into, and it is a fun challenge. I never want to get off, because I know I'll miss the community here. Canis Novus is rapidly becoming one of my favorite dog sim games." "

- Kannah

"Great game! Challenging, realistic, and intellectual--you'll find it all at Canis Novus. Not having shown dogs in RL, I've learned so much about titles and qualifying scores. The Admin is accessible and quick to take care of anything that pops up that needs to be addressed. The community is fabulous--friendly, helpful, and fun!

So c'mon over--cuz Boom needs help with keeping all the taps turned on in the Village overnight"

- Boom, the Leader of the Run Amoks, #74

"Canis Novus has become an online home for me. I have found a supportive community that seeks to build their members up. Each triumph is celebrated. People help each other. Information, help and support is given freely. I found friends that pushed me to build up my kennel. When life has kicked me in the shins, I come here, to CN. And it is like coming home - to a virtual hug and cup of cocoa.

I am on another Sim game that has been going through many changes. Problem is, the players don't like the changes and it seems that the main focus is going to little side projects and not the game. Canis Novus is also changing, but with a HUGE difference! Here the changes are player driven and enhance the game play. Thank you to the admins for listening to players. See what happens when admins actually play their own game. Magic, that's what!"

- Gyrfalcon, #421

"I haven't been here very long, but I already know it's the best dog sim I've ever played. In a lot of games, the admins never play, never post updates, and leave randomly, sometimes for months on end. But CN is much different, the owners actually care about the sim and it's players, and everyone is welcoming and friendly. "

- Toxyne, #419

"Canis Novus is a challenge that will suit the interests of all players. Whether it is to be the top foster kennel, breed the healthiest dogs, create top working dogs or the next Grand Champion, or just to hang out and enjoy the community, CN has it all. What I love best is that while there is friendly competition amongst the players, the biggest challenges sometimes end up being with yourself and your own kennel, and to see how much you can accomplish. I recommend this game to any player who wants a mature, friendly community with the most active and helpful admin, mods, and fellow players I've ever seen. "

- VK, #20

"All I can say is that in my opinion, Canis Novus is the best sim game out there, period. I've played a few sims in the past and now I'm actively playing several sims as well. But not a single game had ever been able to captivate and hold my attention for so long. I intend to stay with CN for a long, long time.

Long live CN!"

- StarGazer, #229

"Video gaming has been a hobby of mine for the past 20 years. From the Legend of Zelda to Neopets to Starcraft II, I've been a fan of the genre in all its evolving forms, and have tried as many new and varied games as I can find. Over those years, I've also becoming very discerning. After all, there are only so many free hours in a day to devote to one's hobbies. Quality is more important than quantity as far as getting the most enjoyable play out of my game time. Of the fifty or sixty pet sim games I've sampled, I have chosen only a handful to stick with for the long term. Of those, I spend the most time on and get the most joy out of Canis Novus.

I love that the game continues to evolve, always with an ear to what its players would like to see implemented. There is something for everyone, regardless of taste. In real life, I am not a fan of parading "Barbie" dogs in the conformation ring. On Canis Novus, I don't have to put my game dogs through that if I don't want to; they can compete in and earn titles in a wide variety of canine sports instead. Also, the dogs are much more than simply numbers to be fed, exercised, groomed, and shown. They can fall ill, can only be bred at certain times, and have distinct personality traits that challenge a player to match specific items to each dog in order to boost that dog's performance.

The community here is by far the most respectful of each other, and the most intelligent, that I've ever had the pleasure to witness. Above and beyond thoughtful assistance with the game itself, other CN members have provided me with many useful tidbits to enhance the lives of my real dogs - not something I expected to find on a game forum, but something for which I am grateful. Community-wide events like the ongoing International Canine Competition and holiday events add to the fun and help bring the players closer together.

The challenging gameplay and colorful community have made this game a long-standing favorite with me, and I consider it the most intelligent and diverse game of its kind."

- Zen, #164

"If you love the world of purebred dogs and enjoy the thrill of virtual competition, there are few SIM games as realistic and fun as Canis Novis. Here you will find a wonderful community of fellow players, always willing to help and encourage those who have just joined, as well as guide any player - new or old - that may seek out advice. The atmosphere is friendly and the gameplay is as simple or as challenging as you want it to be... And with 160 breeds and counting, you're sure to find your favorite breed/s to work with - training, breeding, and competing with your dogs to make your kennel the best it can possibly be!"

- Siberwolf, #262

"All I can say is that CN is the most wonderful online community i've ever been a part of. Zippy and MSL deserve full props everything. "

- Cheshire, #372

"I tried a lot of other sim games, but all was easy, boring and some of the really unrealistic.

I love that Cn sometimes have tresure games, that the map chances, the picture on the front page changes..

Theres almost always people online

I had to come back after sime time where i didnt have time for playing, i just missed CN so much

I really feel like CN is my 2nd family "

- MorTil Katja, #670

"Canis Novus is one of the most realistic dog sims I have yet to play. The community is lovely, nice and friendly. The mods are some of the most helpful I have ever met. To sum it up? Canis Novus rocks!"

- Obey The Corgi, #313

"CN is the only dog sim that has held my attention for 2 years. Due to the great Admin constantly tweaking the game to create better game play and the kind Mods who are always there to help i have yet to find a warmer, friendlier game.

The game itself is challenging, fun, frustrating and at times nail bitting. It takes careful planning to take your dogs to the top but the friendly players you meet along the way make the effort worthwhile. Everybody helps each other and every little hurdle that you overcome is celebrated by all.

I recommend CN to everyone who is looking for a game to keep them entertained."

- Mand, #243

"I joined the game in September 2007 as an Alpha player. So much has changed since that day. CN is just one of those things that got it right from the start and only gets better with age. I've tried other games in between my active moments with CN, who pale in comparison to everything that CN is or has ever had to offer. I keep coming back to CN because it is and always has been a fair game - every player gets the same opportunities and no player is ever put above another. Those who hold leadership positions have never once held it above anyone else, or used their position of authority to gain in stats or titles or whatever else you've seen on other games. It is fair and just gameplay.

What started out as for the serious gamer who was perhaps tired of all of the games that seemed aimed at chatty teenagers, has blossomed into a game for those who are wanting to be serious, who are serious, and for those in between. Own a little or a lot, show in conformation or show in tons of sports. It's always been up to the player on how they play the game...but there truly is something for everyone.

Always updated and simply the best. I mean why even bother trying other games who try to be like CN when in the end all you want is CN? After all, isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?"

- Jamie, #30

"Not just a silly dog game... Umm well maybe. No! No! No! not the CN dog game. It is great and very realistic online game. Its the community of CN that's silly. Just a terrific bunch of people having fun including the very active Admins. Anyways bring your sense of humour and try it for yourself Canis Novus. You'll see that I'm right."

- Smilin Bob, #138

"Mirroring real life, Canis Novus emulates true working dogs. Not only do dogs come into heat like real life, but you also train the dogs in multiple sports to achieve titles. With a mature community, and an equal chance to succeed no matter what you want to get out of the game, what more can you ask for? Come join CN!"

- Torlan, #63

"CN for me is a brilliant dog sim game. It continues to change and evolve, which is great as I find some other sim games can get rather stale and boring. I love the events that happen here on important days, and how the whole community comes together to enjoy them. The community here is one of the best around, I love looking through the forums and seeing what people have said or are up to. CN is fabulous and I send my eternal gratitude to MSL and Zippy and their great mod team for giving me a little haven from hectic real life, thanks you guys!"

- Minna, #341

"CN is so different from all the other SIM games I've been involved in. It actually takes thought and planning in order to have a successful kennel. It's so much more than the clicking of a few mouse buttons. Everyone here is so warm and friendly - I definitely am not sorry I joined! I love CN!"

- Jamie

"When I first joined CN, I thought it was just another Dog Sim. A few hours in and I was instantly hooked! The way the game is organized is truly unique in its own way, and the tight-knit community is what makes it even better! I love logging in without thinking of the drama and bashing most Sim games have. People are very supportive of each other here, and each member is given equal treatment regardless of being a basic or premium member. You can trust the members here, and they would without a doubt assist you in any way they can. With its fabulous Admin and Moderator team, CN will only continue to become even better. CN has been my second home for the 2.5 years I have been here, and I hope it will be around for many MANY years to come."

- Zeesha, #379

"Canis Novus is a realistic dog game that is quite unique and very flexible in terms of what your want for goals.

The showing is very much like real life. No way can a dog enter into 50 shows in a day. It is impractical and I feel a waste of time and effort. On CN, you enter two shows a day. They receive "legs" as they do in real life working trials.

Most sports require roughly 3-5 days to receive a title. You only have to be competitive if you want to. Even if you do not place, you still receive your title.

Prices are reasonable, the kennels cannot become these mammoth entities.

The owners play the game right along side of us, make mistakes as we do and join in our successes.

The community is amazing. There is no other game I love more. I have stopped playing most all other SIM games as none compare to this one.

Everyone can achieve a good dog with work. No extra money, fancy rare items or excessive donations are required. Basic and premium accounts have the same advantage over shows and showing.

This is a game of good sportsmanship and an amazingly friendly and supportive community. I love it here.

It feels like home and I love everyone in the game.

Hopefully you will become part of our "family.""

- Jhillhan

"I have been playing CN for almost two years and I am completely addicted to it. It is the most realistic dog sim I've ever played; it is fun and challenging and extremely rewarding. The community is very supportive and friendly. I feel like CN is my online home and absolutely adore my pixel doggies. CN also allows me to experience things I cannot experience in real life, such as breeding and showing in conformation. And of course the admin is fantastic, always adding new breeds and features, and making it more fun for us!"

- Canis Lupus, #222

"CN is definitely the place to be in 2008. Its a shame that Boom runs amok in the village sometimes and that Herdndog is both mouthy and bitey to other players ... but despite that is a fab fab fab place to spend some time each day. All of the players are both helpful and kind but some of us are also cheeky, a bit naughty and wear silly tags!!! So why are you not here yet?? JOIN NOW !!!"

- Sammyblot

"CN, is in my opinion the best dog sim out there. Even the best animal sim out there. I have been a member for more than 2 years, and now I couldn't imagine my life without it. It's well run, has a dedicated mod team who are all approachable, lovely people. The admin isn't "absent" like on most other sim games I have tried, (should note CN is the only one I've stuck with, that's how amazing it is!!) they listen to player views and all changes are positive, and only improving an already awesome game. I know that I will always be here.

Recently there has been some big changes, and now it's even more perfect than it was before.

If you do one thing this year join CN, the best sim game on the net. You won't be disappointed. :D"

- Cosmos, #217

"Really sorry this is so late I seem to not have much time for my games lately :C .....

For the first moment I joined CN I loved everything about it! It was the first as-close-to-life-as-possible dog game that I had found and really I enjoyed playing and over the past two years that has not changed!

The community and players are some of the nicest I have ever encountered on a sim game and the gaming itself is very realistic in the way you have to care/train/breed your dogs, which I love.

Thank you to everyone; Admin, staff and players alike for making this such a great place to be"

- zGal, #345