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Acquiring an account on this sim game requires that you submit a registration application for approval. Once an application is approved, an activation code will be sent to the email given on the application so make sure you enter a valid email. We must also remind you that by submitting an application, you are agreeing to our Terms Of Service and certifying that the information within your application is true and correct. If this is not acceptable to you, please do not submit an application.

Due to problems with activation emails not getting to AOL/YAHOO users, we will not be accepting AOL/YAHOO emails on the application form. If you have applied before with an AOL/YAHOO email and didn't get a response, please resubmit the application with a different email.

***Be advised that if you fill out an application and you do not hear back with an acceptance or a rejection email within 48 hrs of submitting it, your email client has most likely rejected that email due to spam filters. Please check your spam/junk folder to see if it is there. If you do not receive an email within this time, then you may need to add our email to your contact list to insure it doesn't get filtered out.

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