Terms Of Service

By signing up as a member and using this site, you hereby have read, accepted, and agreed to the following conditions regarding use of this site.

  1. This game is intended for serious players willing to put forth sufficient effort to actively play the game. However, players will no longer have their accounts removed or closed for inactivity. CN is meant for those who are going to make the effort to really play the game, so our hope is that players will become active in the excellent community we have going here. Accounts may still be locked and players banned due to severe TOS violations, but accounts will no longer be removed or reused.

  2. If any player has an issue with CN or its staff, feel free to contact CN staff to discuss it. We have always been open and fair with all our players and we are always willing to discuss any issues that may concern you.
    Public bashing/harassment of admin, mods, or CN in general, on other games, other websites, or any public place including CN, will not be tolerated. If you do not have the common courtesy, respect and maturity to discuss any issues regarding CN with CN staff instead of running off and trashing the game publically elsewhere, your account will be automatically terminated. You are a member of CN by invitation/acceptance, and you have agreed to the rules and TOS of CN by virtue of opening an account and playing here. We have a community here and if you can or will not act as a mature MEMBER of that community, you are not welcome.
    In that regard, we have NEVER messaged anyone on any other game regarding CN issues nor will we deal with any CN issues on any other game, so do not bother to message any CN staff member anywhere but on CN.

  3. This is to clarify the policies about reapplying to CN.
    Players who left the game are welcome to reapply, depending upon the reason they were removed. Returning players are welcome if they were removed for neglect or inactivity. Returning WILL NOT be allowed for those who were removed for TOS violations such as art theft or harassment of staff or fellow players.<

  4. Donating money to the site is not required in order to play- it is your choice. Under no circumstances will there be any refunds of donations. Donating will not stop your account from being locked if you do not follow the rules. Donating money to the site helps keep it up and running, and helps the game function at its best (server upgrades, space upgrades, bandwidth upgrades, paid advertising). You donate to the site of your own free will and in doing so you acknowledge and agree that you are paying for nothing and you expect nothing in return. Therefore, any attempt on your part to file Paypal Dispute claims and/or chargebacks, to try and get a refund, absolutely will not be tolerated, and if attempted your account will be immediately locked. However, because we at Canis Novus appreciate your kind and generous donations, we may choose to share a little something for the game with you as a thank you for your support, such as Game Tokens. We do not have to do this, and we reserve the right not to give anything, if so desired.

  5. By accessing a user account on Canis Novus, you understand and agree that you are given a certain set of privileges. Privileges may include but are not limited to such things as accessing a user account, be it a basic account, premium account, or an unlimited account, the ability to post on boards and in chat, uploading material to personal dogs, kennel pages, etc. Keep in mind that these privileges have been granted to you by the admin at Canis Novus and they are NOT rights. Any and all privileges can be removed from any given user at any time for any reason by admin, with no notice or reason to user being necessary.

    You are not under any circumstances allowed to sell, give away, trade, or otherwise dispose of your CN account. All CN accounts remain CN property that we allow you to use.

  6. All content - images, text, code, site name, is copyright to Canis Novus. It may not be used on any other site, at any time, for any reason except for approved advertising banners.

  7. Each individual user is responsible for any material they choose to upload/copy/use on the site, and in doing so each user knows and agrees that they alone accept complete liability for any such uploaded/copied/used material. Canis Novus cannot and will not be held responsible for any images or text (including song lyrics, poetry, etc) that individual players choose to place on their personal accounts, in posts on forums, etc. (eg. copied text or dog images etc.). CN does not support piracy of material from other sources. If players are caught with stolen material, whether it be pictures or text of some sort, it will be removed and they will face disciplinary action that may include a locked account and or banned IP address, to be administered by or on behalf of the administration.

    For more extensive information on copyright Click Here.

  8. All art donated to CN means the artist agrees to give up all rights to it, that once art is given to CN, that CN holds the sole ownership and rights to all donated artwork to do with as they wish, and the artist agrees that all donated artwork to CN will not be used anywhere or offered to anyone else at any time for any reason. The only exception to this is that you may display any art that you have donated to us, as an example of your work, on an art site such as deviantart etc., as long as it is states that it is the property of CN. All art submitted to the CN gallery must be an original creation by the CN member submitting it, or a collaboration between that submitter and another CN member.

  9. Each player is allowed a maximum of 1 account per person.

  10. a) Account Sharing:
    Although sharing of accounts may be allowed between members, we do not recommend it, and we do insist upon being informed if it is happening since we do track IP addresses to weed cheaters out. Also in no circumstances is anyone allowed to share an account with a person unapproved by Canis Novus Admin. Anyone caught doing so may be immediately and permanently banned. It is your choice to share an account with another approved player if you wish, however please realize that if anything should happen, none of the Canis Novus admin are responsible for hurt feelings, loss of possessions, password changes, or anything else that may occur. If your partner gets him/herself in trouble by violating the Terms of Service, the account will be reprimanded, not the player. So if you are sharing accounts, your name gets a record as well.

    b) More than one account at the same IP:
    If two people from the same household wish to join, they need to be clear up front who they are or else both may face being banned due to having two accounts at one IP address. This means when the second account is applied for, it must be noted on the application which current CN account is associated with that IP. Approval is at the discretion of Canis Novus Admin.

    Two approved accounts on the same IP must NEVER transfer money, tokens, items, dogs etc to each other, nor may they use each others career services, offer dog stud services to each other etc. The accounts must remain separate at all times, and play separate games. If any violations of this policy occur, both accounts may risk immediate termination, without warning.

    Players from the same IP address may not kennel sit for each other, and sign ins/sign outs and account locking will be monitored for suspicious activity.

  11. You may not discuss or display on any page of this site any religious, pornographic, obscene, racial, graphic, or otherwise negative content. Discussion of politics, suicide, cutting or eating disorders, recreational drugs or alcohol abuse, sexual topics, or engaging in criminal activities, are also prohibited on this site. Any display or post of any controversial issue, is subject to removal at the discretion of admin.

  12. None of the following actions are permitted at Canis Novus and carry different possible penalties:

    a) Immediate account termination:
    • Racial slurs
    • Harassment, bashing or personal attacks against administrators or moderators

    b) Official game warning for first offense; account termination upon any further offense:
    • Bullying
    • Harassment, bashing or personal attacks against fellow players or groups of players

    c) Courtesy warning for first offense; official game warnings and possible account termination for subsequent offenses:
    • Swearing (including acronyms or abbreviations that denote swearing)
    • Rude behaviour
    • Spamming/unsolicited advertising via private message
    • Advertising of other games on CN
    • Advertising asking for sponsors or begging for donations
    • NO solicitation of ANY kind will be tolerated on CN

  13. The use of external scripts or internal scripts of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  14. As happens with most sites, now and again some glitches or bugs are sure to arise. And of course, they will be fixed as soon as possible. Taking advantage of these bugs is prohibited.

  15. This game is intended for those at least 13 years old, or older, and the atmosphere and discussion of the game will reflect that. If any player is discovered to be under 13 years of age, their account and all contents are subject to being removed immediately with no warning.

  16. Users realize that this game, in its entirety, is a simulation. Canis Novus does not reflect real dogs, real breeding programs, real working trials, real money, or anything else. Itís a game, nothing more.

  17. Administration and moderators of the site uphold the rules of the game. Please listen to them and heed their requests. Itís better for everyone in the long run. If a mod tells you to cease and desist from discussing a certain subject or talking/behaving in a certain manner, they are to be respected and heeded, regardless of whether or not your particular offense is written word for word as being against the rules. Public forum posts or chat discussions (on CN or elsewhere) complaining or commenting about administrator/moderator requests, courtesy warnings and official game warnings (your own or anyone elseís) are not allowed and will be deleted if found on CN, and may be subject to an official warning if found elsewhere. You may contact a moderator privately should you need to discuss a request, courtesy warning or official game warning that you yourself have received. However, constant or repeated complaints will be treated as harassment and may be subject to official warnings or removal from the game.

  18. The Canis Novus site may be shut down temporarily or permanently, at the sole discretion of Admin, without any notice. Admin will, however, do it's best to supply advance notice to warn members of any planned downtime.

  19. You acknowledge and agree that there will be no selling of anything between players such as artwork, avatars, etc. on Canis Novus for real life currency, and that you will not participate in the sale or purchase of anything for real currency. Regarding account status, CN accounts cannot be sold for any real money or any game currency, or given away or transferred to anyone else under any circumstances.

  20. Discussions involving bashing of other sites will not be tolerated.

  21. Never give anyone your personal details such as your name, address, or phone number. Also never disclose your login details to anyone for any reason.

  22. You are aware and understand that in order for you to access the site properly, we do need to use cookies. If you do not have cookies enabled some parts of Canis Novus will not work, or will be inaccessible. Please realize cookies are there to enhance the gaming experience, they are not for anything else.

  23. You are aware and understand that in order for you to play Canis Novus, we require that you provide a valid e-mail address to us, as well as your correct age/birth date.

  24. You are aware and understand that we track the IP addresses of all people who use the site every time they log in.

The Terms of Service are subject to change at any time, and all members, in continuing use of the site, agree to check regularly for updates. By continuing your use of this site you do agree to any adjustments that are made. All updates will be made in bold.

Any violation of the Terms of Service or any other written rules that are 1)posted throughout the site 2)sent via a game notice or 3)sent by private message, will result in action being taken. The severity of the action will depend on the severity of the violation, with the possibility of loss of account, or loss of site privileges via IP banning.

Last modified: Aug 15, 2012