A Canine Sim Game

A canine simulation game with 212 breeds.


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Random testimonial:
"I have been totally addicted to CN ever since I first joined in January 2009!

The gameplay is fascinating, complex, and varied, and includes 160+ breeds, 20 dog sports each with their own set of titles, conformation shows with its own unique titles, a humane society that allows both adopting and fostering, realistic labor and delivery for litters, the ability to bring in regular or premium imports as new blood for your lines, amazingly brain stretching holiday events, and SO much more!

On top of all that - the community is amazing, always willing to help anyone that needs it, and admin is extremely active and on top of things to fix bugs swiftly and keep CN running smoothly. And the mod team is pretty awesome too if I do say so myself.

In short - CN is hands down the best dog breeding sim out there!!!

- April, #(210)