A Canine Sim Game

A canine simulation game with 197 breeds.


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Random testimonial from a current player:
"Canis Novus has become an online home for me. I have found a supportive community that seeks to build their members up. Each triumph is celebrated. People help each other. Information, help and support is given freely. I found friends that pushed me to build up my kennel. When life has kicked me in the shins, I come here, to CN. And it is like coming home - to a virtual hug and cup of cocoa.

I am on another Sim game that has been going through many changes. Problem is, the players don't like the changes and it seems that the main focus is going to little side projects and not the game. Canis Novus is also changing, but with a HUGE difference! Here the changes are player driven and enhance the game play. Thank you to the admins for listening to players. See what happens when admins actually play their own game. Magic, that's what!"

- Gyrfalcon, #(421)