A Canine Sim Game

A canine simulation game with 208 breeds.


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Random testimonial:
"Over the years I have been a part of quite a few simulated pet games. But CN is far an away the best of all of them, dog or otherwise. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly, the game play is very realistic. Short of making the game run on real time, I firmly believe you can't find a more realistic Sim Game in existence today. The dogs here can fall ill, and must be taken to the vet for treatment. Dogs must be trained in sports that are best suited for them, which varies by breed. Dogs in this game don't just earn points to level, they earn actual titles. Dogs can climb to the top of the conformation ranks while simultaneously earning the highest titles in Obedience. Puppies must be cared for in order to develop properly and must be taken to puppy school in order to give them the best start in CN life.

The second reason CN is such an awesome game to play, is the wonderful community. I have not yet encountered an individual who has brought down my experience here. Everyone has been kind, friendly and very helpful to anyone who reaches out and needs help. They celebrate your triumphs and mourn your losses. It truly is like a second home online. And the administrators, Zippy and MSL, are always looking for ways to improve the game for the players. It truly is an incredible gaming experience that I encourage any dog fanatic to come and join."

- Esori, #(305)