A Canine Sim Game

A canine simulation game with 211 breeds.


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Random testimonial:
"It took me some time to be able to put in words what exactly Canis Novus is, and what it means to me.

At first sight many might think "Oh, just another dog game". But as soon as you get playing, you will notice that this game has got so much more to offer than the average click-this-button-5000-times-SIM. It is designed to be the next best (and most realistic!) thing after owning and training a real life dog.
There are so many goals you can set for yourself, from training and showing conformation dogs, to competing in tons of different sports and winning titles, to breeding dogs with perfect health, to becomming the top rescue kennel by fostering pooches from the CN Humane Society.

I have played tons of SIM-games, but none of those had the friendly and ever helpful community that CN has to offer.
Our player are always willing to offer you advice, a helping hand, a friendly chat, and even a shoulder to cry on when needed.

But the thing that I love most about this game is the way it is run by the admins. I was so sick of all those admins who were nothing more then some demi-gods who pop in every 6 months... The admins of CN however, actively play the game and offer full transparency on the game's progress, the direction they want to take it, and they always consult the players first before making decisions that influence the gameplay of CN.

I can really recommend CN to everyone with an interest in SIM-games, for it is the single most inviting, interesting and challenging game I have come across in the 9 years I have been playing pet SIMs."

- Lindisfarne, #(27)