A Canine Sim Game

A canine simulation game with 212 breeds.


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Random testimonial:
"Canis Novus is like a third home to me since the day I joined. There is no segregation; everyone just wants the best for their dogs. In other Sim games, there are a lot of segregation especially between upgraded members and non-upgraded members.

When I first entered Canis Novus, I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling that I know it will last forever as long as I stay on Canis Novus. I looked at the Village Map and I know this site is different. I read the stories, the ToS, the poem at the Humane Society and much much more others and I understood for once that this is a well-bonded family.

I can see, the moment I stepped into here, the amount of hard work the Admins and Moderators and put into, and how much care and concern they showered on us. They guide us and answer our queries, and other family members on Canis Novus never hesitate to help whenever you need help.

I have seen events such as Halloween, Christmas and many others. The Admin and Moderators had put in a lot of hard work just for a few days of fun for the members. To me, the Admin and Moderators are the Pillars of Supporters, the Father and Mother and the Elder Sisters and Brothers while we are the younger ones.

Here, everyone is respected. When we have a small triumph and posts it on the board, people will congratulate us and wish for us to do better. There are hardly any rants too. The people here are committed and really truly cares for their own dogs, although it is made out of Pixels. One by one, generation by generation, they are cared for, and retired when Come of Age.

I have been here for around a few years, maybe one or two, but yet it feels so short. I have tried my best to care for all my dogs everyday and provide the best for them. I wish that I can spend many more of my years on Canis Novus - My Best Cyber Family forever.

- Minther Heather, #(438)